Fishing safety

Trout fishing in the Ozarks has been a popular sport since the mid 60's, and has continued to gain popularity.

However, fishing these rapid and shallow waters can create some very tricky and hazardous situations. Rocks, trees, and other submerged structures can cause a boat, canoe, or kayak to over turn or in some cases break apart.

Inattentive wade fishermen can find themselves in serious trouble, when water levels suddenly rise as a result of either or both, Bull Shoals & Norfork dams, releasing water during hydroelectric generation or flood control.

The beauty of the area and the abundance of fish can quickly fill you with a false sense of security. You must always be mindful of your surroundings and any changes occurring around you. Your life may depend upon it.


Guided Fishing, Canoe & Kayak Trips Available

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Eureka Springs--2.5 hrs

Of course, you could always sleep-in.

The Norfork and White Rivers Of Northern Arkansas Offer "World Class" Trout Fishing, Year Round.

Norfork City's welcome to visitors.
The world record brown trout was caught in 1989. It weighted in at 38 lbs. and 14 oz.

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